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Wealthiest & Worthiest Province in South Africa - Johannesburg

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Wealthiest province in South Africa, famous city of gold, never ending eastern plateau area, marks of Witwatersrand, a famous city of undulating hills, and teasing of subtropical highland climate, this is one of the worthiest province of Johannesburg. Travellers from different corners of this world mindfully come here to experience the unparallel magical vistas, bustling metropolis, unique atmosphere and to relax and have fun. Families choose this land in search of diverse culture encounters and jolting adrenaline pump; with dazzling array of options for everyone, this is an animated land of fantasy. From rich cultural experience, thrilling landmarks, nightlife hotspots, shopping arenas to wild encounter, Johannesburg is loaded with fun, enjoyment and relaxation; worldwide travellers, adventure seekers, and fervid backpacker rest here to refill their souls to kick start their new exploration or expand their bandwidth.

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Explorers always wait for the right time to strike, but when it comes to the shrilling Johannesburg, case is somewhat different, they simply start their marathon with the Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens, densely populated but vibrant town of Soweto, Constitution Hill, Apartheid Museum and Lesedi Cultural Village, which are the most eminent attraction here. Suikerbosrand Nature Reserve is the most famous spot to initiate ecotourism, it boasts fauna and flora, Rocky Highveld Grassland biome and much more to astound people. Soul-stirring bird gardens, museums, native heritage and gold mines will capture your nerves and encourage you to delve the dead past while going through the unspoilt rural settings. 

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The highly popular curiosity-inducing museums are unbridled and showcase cultural precinct, unique works of art, paintings in art galleries, and other elements that displays rich cultural and historical heritage. Families shop here (Oriental Plaza, Northgate, Sandton City, 44 Stanley, etc.) and have plenty of fun while enjoying fast food, coffee, and local food in the legendary hotels and restaurants. Give yourself a little breathing space to savour the delicacies.  

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Restaurants and hotels provide highly smooth atmosphere, fun-filled environment with music so that people can have snacks and enjoy the eve; there are numerous popular places to dine with family. To embrace the genuine spirit of Africa, families prefer visiting famous spa and salons that are renowned for offering great therapeutic treatment in serene, tranquil atmosphere for ultimate body pampering. So gently hug this place, revitalize your soul in this wonderland and feel the difference. 

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Monday, 28 December 2015

Ethnically and Linguistically Diverse, Pious Land Of Vancouver

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The most famous and celebrated coastal seaport city, ethnically and linguistically diverse, well-known documented Beta global city, located on the Burrard Peninsula, the ever so versatile, wild Fraser River and shield from the Pacific Ocean, this is a pious land of Vancouver. Vancouver is renowned monastery of nature and known across the globe for its high quality of lifestyle and inspirational atmosphere to live and cherish life. Largest urban parks, the North Shore Mountains, cityscapes, wild but spectacular mountain scenic vistas, and snow-capped volcano Mount Baker encourage fanatic voyagers to stop here and feel the chilling vibes that may fulfil all the desires of soul. People looking for utmost sort of adventure or fun or just want to spice up their vacations, linger in this ubiquitous region for extravagant and super sensual sightseeing; vicinity of the titanic mountains and the ocean, this region is full of activities for those enthusiasts who want to enjoy life to its fullest. 

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City's self-important landmarks and beautifully illustrated historical buildings, Vancouver Aquarium, old luxury railway hotel, Stanley Park, neighbouring Coal Harbour walkway, and impressive Museum of Anthropology are some of the best known places that make Vancouver one of the most exclusive travel destinations.

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Families come here to enjoy their vacations and teach their children about the aristocracy, wonderfully imaginative culture, sense of ecological meditation and dynamics of this region. In fact, the region meticulously spins out a fable for your children so that they submerge themselves in the native beauty, which itself boasts a sense of authenticity.

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Children also enjoy a great wealth of perfectly optimistic green parks and lush gardens that accentuate the region and make it quite stunning; the animated Stanley Park amaze its visitors as it is quite thrilling and motivates hikers for hiking, walking and cycling. VanDusen Botanical Garden, Queen Elizabeth Park and other botanical gardens of the city are highly astonishing, which allow people to enjoy cheerfully without taking any popcorn break. 

For amazing sluggish commute adventure, scenic close-up views and articulately wonderful hotspots, people choose ineffable UBC-Point Grey towards the Point Grey peninsula; for non-stop running and picnicking children choose Jericho Beach, which is a hot favourite awe-inspiringly melodious travel destination for the fun freaks. The long expanse of the constantly grabbing beach and neighbouring beach park is highly splendid; moreover, families also approach regions that provide open range biking trails around Gulf Islands and north shore.   

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Visiting the Divine Region of Irresistible French Edge – Antibes

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Luxurious mansions, wonderful fort views, large olive groves, cobblestone streets, nightlife of sandy beaches and marine animals, nicely nestled Mediterranean resort, different styles of Mediterranean gardens, well-established and communicating city in the French Riviera, this is a bestowed land of Antibes. Bay of Cannes, innumerable boats on the ports, magnificent Fort CarrĂ© and never ending coastlines are the things that bring millions of travellers here. Voyagers visit Archaeology Museum, Naval Museum of Napoleon, historic buildings, views of the sea and mountains, spectacular promenades, ancient shipwrecks, wall paintings, relics, naval models, sculptures as well as tapestries that highlight the ancient extravaganza of Greek colony and Roman settlement. The city is beautiful and the downtown region is highly vibrant and dynamic in almost all senses; scrolling around the world's finest super yachts, The ever so surprising old port, mature town, covered market, Beaches of Juan les Pins as well as other numerous beach locations in Antibes.  

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Couples love to enjoy eventual identity revealing jazz music while strolling on the long expanse of sandy beaches in their swimsuits; most of the rocky beaches inspire them to swim through and have the best time with their families. Explorers love to reach the far fetching regions that are loaded with lush vegetable gardens and orchards. The gardens such as the Eilenroc Gardens, Thuret Park and the Exflora Park are the perfectly styled gardens that boast a sense of motivation in the visitors. Photographers love this ecstatic region as they get exclusive landscapes, endangered wildlife, marine life (Dolphins, orca, sea-lions), unbridled nature and non-stop adventure here all at one place. 

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Families enjoy amiable local food, different species of fishes, mysterious green liqueur, standard French cuisine, fresh seafood and salad in the finest restaurants in the old town region. They also enjoy the famous festivals that are the unique and attract maximum number of tourists from across the world. The secluded regions in the outskirts are equally mesmerizing and treat you in a dramatic way so that you can stumble around the nimble and pulsating environment. You may find yourself on the brink of losing your soul in this divine region of irresistible French edge.  
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