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Bali: More than Just a Place

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The word Bali ignites the senses. For many, it is ecstasy, sheer bliss and a sense of jubilation. Bali has countless bounties. Bali has countless jewels, beaches, resorts, dive spots etc, but its essence lies in the warmth spread out in air, which take its beyond just reveling in the sun. 

Here’s the pick of the reasons which justifies that Bali is much more than just a place. 

Nursery of Festivals

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It doesn’t matter what time of the year it is, or in which area of Bali you are, be it Seminyak or Ubud, you are vulnerable to hear the loud and annoying crash of gamelan. Within no time, the streets get packed to the brim by the mob of bizarrely dressed people, which carries along it mounds of fruit, pastel shaded parasols and a Barong or two. But don’t you worry; it is a holy procession which vanishes faster than it appears, leaving behind only the sparkles and hibiscus petals. 

 Spoiling Spas

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Whether it is for rejuvenating one’s mind, body or soul, or simply an urge for getting pampered, visitors here spend many mesmerizing hours being mollycoddled, massaged, bathed and scented. You undergo such sensuous treatments on an atmospheric beach, or in manicured gardens or amidst the state of the art and luxury dipped interiors. The Balinese massage therapies will make you feel as if you have been reincarnated, thus it is a good strategy to detox oneself. 

Bali’s food

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It might sound awkward, but your mouth will be gushed by water as soon as you step inside a traditional warung for lunch to see plethora of exotic dishes waiting for you on the counter. It is no wonder that this fertile island provides with abundant of ingredients which when combined with fresh sea food produces aromatic dishes. The specialties such as roasted mutton, which is marinated for hours and then barbecued, will make you queuing up again and again. 

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