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5 Things Not to Miss Out in Cabo San Lucas

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Once simply a peaceful fishing town at the  tip of Baja California, Cabo San Lucas has bloomed into one of the world's most well known spots for celeb sightings, stupendous views, sun bathing and snorkelling that is unmatched, and obviously wild parties.

 Party at Cabo Wabo

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Cabo Wabo is a blessing for  individuals who want to party hard - as many people in Cabo seem to be held captive by Sammy Hagar, it’s a gigantic complex with massive bars and stages where groups perform, regularly with Hagar himself. Some of rock and movie's most venerated legends come here consistently, either for shows or just to hang out with a group that cherishes every night like the Saturday night at the Delta Tau Chi.

Pursuit the Whale Off Baja

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The Whales migrate from early October to mid-March; it’s the time when these incredible creatures swim through shallow tidal ponds around the Baja Peninsula. Some just go to Laguna Ojo de Liebre, far north, in Guerrero Negro, however numerous go the distance to the Sea of Cortez side and pass right by Cabo San Lucas. Whale viewing excursions run at numerous spots around the region, often three to four hours in length.

Get Closer at Lover’s Beach

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Lover's Beach is one of Cabo's most legendary spots, a segment of virgin sand available just by panga that is best chatted with somebody you met at the party (Cabo Wabo). Extend and sunbathe in the midst of wave washed rocks that look practically like dim bread mixture.

Sun Bath at Divorce Beach

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Divorce Beach, suitably joined with Lover's Beach, is on the Pacific side. Come here to drench up some sun, and afterwards watch it go down - Cabo nightfalls don't get any better than here. Be cautioned, the streams are misleadingly risky and even skilled swimmers can be effortlessly swept away, so don't be audacious.
Explore a coral reef at Cabo Pulmo

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Cabo Pulmo, a Mexican National Marine Park, is home to one of Baja's most dynamite coral reefs and a large group of interesting ocean creatures, making it a long, yet advantageous day trip from Cabo. Have a go at snorkelling at Los Arbolitos shoreline or trek to Las Sirenitas' irregular rock formations.

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