Tuesday, 29 September 2015

3 Non-Clichéd Honeymoon Options to Consider for 2015

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One European country has driven a renaissance in art from its luxurious to high-end resorts. A relishing tour of paradores in Spain, luxe hotels usually housed in historic buildings, makes up for a perfect honeymoon all round the year. In the last months of the year, it is soothingly warm here, and you can also choose to explore Spanin’s African enclave by taking a ferry to Meuta.
The Parador de Ceuta is a modern architecture but backed up by a fortifies town of the wall, with majestic views of the sea and mild Arabic influence. 

Puerto Rico

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Boost your love by swimming or kayaking through a sea which resembles the black canvass embellished with sparkling stars. It is possible at Vieques island, a small 100sq mile beach euphoria which the Spanish found worthless, may be they were only concerned about El Dorado (golden city). The Vieques has got a cult following among the Caribbean lovers and it is much loved for its mosquito bay, a radiant bay where you can kayak through the luminescent waters.
Try to schedule your trip so that you can see this wonderful place under the full moon. 


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 Boracay is an enigmatic island toward the south of Manilla. Its fine sand beaches lures in visitors for a perfect nothing to do holiday. Yet there are many things to do here. Clear waters lay a strong foundation for safe snorkeling, and Scuba divers frolic in various wall dives. Get a sunset boat tour and undergo a massage to detox. There are several sensuous spas around. 

During the evening search for a perfectly blended cocktail in the bars lining the beach, now that’s sheer delight. You can choose to stay in a rustic tree house and enjoy sweeping views of the sea. 

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