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Sense the Essence of the Beach City - Nice, France

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Effortless composition of Cosmopolitan appeal, gentle and conscious hills, engagingly utopic Mediterranean landscape, breathable city life very close to sea level, famous water-front resorts, demanding ethnically diverse port city and representation of broadleaf evergreen shrubs, this is a wonderland of Nice, France. The dazzlingly slow revealing view of harbour, lush green vegetation and gorgeous vistas of the French Riviera walk directly inside your heart to build a cave there. Marvellously preserved monastery, museums and architectural monuments make the city much more inviting and astonishing. Not only explorers and historians love this place, but leisure travellers enjoy the vicinity of this region. Harbour of Nice offers a fabulous vantage point overlooking the city, streets and promenades. The superlative ruined castles are highly beautiful and peep from the walls; the expanse of parks and gardens are simply astonishing and allow you to experience incredible flora species. Ideological proliferation of the natural traits throws you back to the era where nature rules and cares. 

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Travellers enjoy diverse plants in botanical garden and tropical glass house as well as witness self-explanatory and charming collection of paintings, drawings and sculptures in the old museums that can fulfil the hearts and souls. Explorers love to sense the paramount essence of the city by taking walking tours, in this way they experience the art, elaborated rituals, and architecture of the city as well as century old art forms. Most people choose signature effect beaches for bathing and swimming; the long sandy beaches are exclusive and engineered by nature to give unbridled experience. 

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The layers of sand and stone stun the explorers and encourage them to enjoy picnic while playing. The stone cushion on the beaches are dazzling, but demands attention while walking. Adults enjoy beach volleyball and hide and seek near the cliffs; the beautiful light blue sea itself plays with the sand and holds the palms of windsurfers. 

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To view the sheer astonishment of the juvenile vantage points, people brisk towards the heights of Mont Boron; the old Fort and the villa of Sir Elton John offers stunning vistas. The villages lined along are equally abundant with God’s grace and nestled in a beautiful and sophisticated way. Women often move towards the old town which is loaded with high quality restaurants, souvenir shops, as well as art galleries that showcase nothing short of incarnating culture and traits.  

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