Tuesday, 12 January 2016

An Island Paradise in the Caribbean - Saint Lucia

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An island paradise in the Caribbean, nestled between the Caribbean Sea and North Atlantic Ocean, standing ovation of striking cone-shaped peaks, picturesque natural highlights, array of Sulphur Springs, the Botanical Gardens, the Majestic twin Peaks, this is none other than Saint Lucia - a sovereign island country in the eastern Caribbean Sea. Tourism on this island is extensive; worldwide travellers drift here in the dry season on the shiny numerous beaches as well as luxurious resorts. Adventure enthusiasts declare their love and affair with this island when they explore the super astonishing array of natural wonders here such as volcanic vicinity, Sulphur Springs, the great and murmuring Botanical Gardens, A world heritage site, the extensive and dazzling rain forests.
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The beauty of this virgin region provides an ideally idyllic backdrop for non-stop adventure and rapid fire fun. There are numerous stunning and marvellous mountains to hop, green forests to discover, and an underwater world to delve. People from across the globe saunter here to revere the awesome loveliness of this famous island treat. 

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Worldwide travellers kiss this dramatic and sexy region to find ultimate solace and peaceful salvation. The abundant archaeological sites on the island attract people and encourage them to unveil the shroud and sense the sensible art and cultural vibes. Water lovers choose the best spots to dive and cheer; for that exceptional diving experience, they also move across the region on short boat dives. This tranquil place (Eco Dive St. Lucia, Dive Fair Helen) is enough to captivate the hearts; the native sea wildlife in the Caribbean, is never so dull; instead travellers always remember this brilliantly hued exotic lifestyle. 

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From lazy beach stroll to the kinetic lifestyle of marine habitat everything is over the top; most families spend their vacation to elevate their mood; the region offers you caring and loving experiences when you choose eco tours. The ever so sensational Debaras Turtle watching tours, Fond Latisab Creole Park as well as exclusive Maria Island is highly enchanting and mesmerizing.

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