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Sun-Warmed Cliffs, Long Sexy Sandy Beaches & Never-Ending Piers – Gothenburg

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Completely green and beautiful, situated on Sweden's west coast, super exclusive inner harbour area, and an amazingly stunning archipelago; this is the most wonderful land of Gothenburg, Sweden. Gothenburg is known for catering eye-pleasing ancient museums, non-stop shopping, lots of heart-thumping events and an astoundingly scenic archipelago. Explorers from across the globe amble in this region to discover the hidden passion and the home of serenity which is the best part of this expansive region. The region is a perfect heaven for shopping enthusiast, history lovers, nature lovers as well as people who love to comb through the beauty of nature in their own style; the native natural wonders are enough to cuddle their feelings as travellers experience the serene environment decorated by a glittering lake.

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Nature and its integral are always around the corner here in Gothenburg; explorers love to take public transport to visit the stunning cafés as well as other headline-making city attractions, even the green forests has its own tale to spell. 

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When it comes to Sun-warmed cliffs, long sexy sandy beaches, and never-ending piers, Gothenburg has the answer; it is second to none in terms of natural bounty, and the lovely places encourage visitors to leave their bag packs behind to hold the beauty of this land in their hands and feel the sensation.  There are so many lovely places to go in Gothenburg; people often explore the never-hidden Bergsjön, other beautiful lakes, bathing platforms, Billdalsbadet, cosy shallow sea beds, Askimsbadet, sunbathing areas, as well as café, golf course, beach volley pitch areas that are highly engaging.

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Nature lover and hikers often visit the Delsjön, which is a perfect nature reserve that is known for vast woodlands, wetlands and lakes; the nearby the lake Stora Delsjön provides a great beach location and swimmers enjoy swimming through rocks to reach the astonishing bathing platforms. 

Picture courtesy: goteborg.com

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Picture courtesy: kattegattleden.se

Families also touch the serenity of the island Stora Amundön that is renowned to offer fantastic spots for swimming and a greatly diversified landscape; even the coastal meadows, hanging cliffs and empowering wetlands are enough to touch your grooves of soul.  

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