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2 Locations to Follow the Footsteps Of God - Hervey Bay & Honolulu

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Non-stop swimming, sailing, fishing, diving, sea kayaking, a calm and picturesque seaside city, numerous seaside villages, fishing shores as well as golden beaches, this is the great land of Hervey Bay, Australia. Hervey Bay is the finest travel destination when it comes to water, land, villages, sports, beaches, natural attractions, idyllic waterways, as well as a broad range of eateries. Travellers come here to escape the shrilling pollution of the cities and relax with the marine species; they explore the whales, dolphins, and penetrate though the wildlife parks to sense the essence of life. People love to catch whale watching tours to spot the frolicking whales with their kids; they extend their excursions to watch the most powerful and magnificent humpback whales. Your actual expedition starts from here...

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With numerous art galleries and theatres, recreational facilities, restaurants, hotels, botanical gardens, old townships, picnic areas, and the most refined natural attractions - Hervey Bay has something for everyone. If you love sand and forest, then you can move towards the Fraser Island, which offer high-energy fun and enjoyment to the people looking for extraordinary adventure. Investigate more to catch more...

There are many restaurants in Hervey Bay that offer high quality food and can improve your dining experience; you can enjoy different menu items with your kids here. So practice meditation, enhance your aura, improve your spiritual faith, catch the deepest wisdom and elevate your divine experience here in Hervey Bay! 

Honolulu, Hawaii 

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A major tourist destination of America, the main gateway to Hawaii, historic landmarks, museums as well as glimpse of the Pearl Harbours, this is the most exotic land of Honolulu. This historic city is a perfect Mecca for sunbathers, sand seekers, wave surfers as well as the adventure travellers. Worldwide voyagers drift here to experience and scroll through the beaches, comb through the Hawaiian Islands, and walk around the stunning bays.  No doubt, it is the most fabulous place to spend vacations while witnessing the ever so stunning wildlife. Wander around to catch the feeling of historic Honolulu...

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Expansive vistas, natural exotica, and incredible trails of Honolulu are enough to fulfil the heart desires; travellers love to visit the far fetching points from Nu'uanu Pali Lookout, Makapu Ľu Point State Wayside, Kapiolani Park to the world famous beaches. Experience the kinetic thrill of beaches in Honolulu... 

Families also visit Aloha Tower, Bishop Museum, Downtown and Chinatown, as well as Hanauma Bay that are the perfect destination for the travel-hungry voyagers. If you want to follow the footsteps of God, then visit Honolulu now...   

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