Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Challenge Your Spirit of Exploration in These 2 Gorgeous Regions

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White sandy beaches, crystalline water, incomparable holiday paradise on earth, relaxing atmosphere, bewildering and enchanting experience across the island, this is the most popular Linapacan island, Philippines. Linapacan Island offers one of the most refreshing and rekindling experience to the sun and water seekers; this island is full of natural vistas which mixes the water and sand in an ultimately tranquil environment. The region is a hot favourite destination for the explorers who want to challenge their spirit of exploration; natural elements make it a great place for endless cavalcade of escapade.  

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The region is good for snorkelling experts who want to sleep and have lunch with the different types of fishes and specially star fishes; they not only explore the hidden underwater caves, but also enjoy different water sports here in the region. Marine life, sea weeds, shimmering water and serene coral makes the region utterly heavenly.  Boating is highly famous amongst travellers because they love to travel around the Linapacan Island during their holidays. 

French Polynesia

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Great set of islands, long expanse of phosphate rock islands, songs of palms, trumpets of beaches, background music of waves, and heroic appearance of turtles, this is the world famous French Polynesia. It is a geographically distributed region that is mainly composed of tranquil islands, rugged land, reefs, small vegetation as well as creeks and cliffs. 

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Worldwide visitors drift here to experience creeks, valleys, overlooking cliffs as well as beautiful sea region that is blessed with nature and inhabited by the abundant marine life. Romantic couples love to linger around the shoreline to feel the oceanic vibes, unbeaten tracks and crater sprinkled around the Island. Enthusiasm starts much before you reach this super charged French Polynesia. It is easily accessed by a charming road with thumping waves hugging the cliff’s feet and the lush green plains. 

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