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3 Best Reasons to Visit the Untamed Barcelona

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Barcelona is one of the top tourist destinations of the world because it never sleeps, loaded with unbridled beauty as well as historical charm, and of course football. It offers unforgettable beaches in La Costa Brava, super exciting artistic treasures in the city, the Romanesque churches, modern art and ancient architecture, which is quite interesting and unique. Because of the sea and mountain proximity, it boasts some of the most wonderful environment to sense and feel. This city is avant-garde, full of gay excitement and football thrill and attracts foreign visitors; in fact, it has everything to offer from incredible attractions (The Magical Montjuïic & La Sagrada Família) to the famous countryside scenes that are sumptuously sizzling. Explorers can experience the local string of wizards which have the power to transport people somewhere in heaven.

Ever so trending FC Barcelona – Edgy & glitzy  

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When it comes to word "Barcelona," only one thing triggers to mind like an electric buzz of anticipation – football; yes, world class football team thrives here. Local people are fanatic about the spirit and passion of the action-packed football; in fact, football is in their blood and nerves. Explorers sense the high-adrenaline and whooshing excitement in the people and visit stadium that witness everything from roars, screeches, nostalgia, anxiety, luck, sweat, triumph to loss! People explore the history of club, foundation, and journey and even about the squads, which is highly interesting. 

 But Barcelona is not all about football...Let’s find out what it has to offer beyond this...

Timeless Beaches  

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The variably depicted natural beauty near the beaches will encourage visitors to crawl towards its infectious splendour. Sun lovers and sand worshippers love to roll over the wet, soft and colourful sand that attracts highest number of people. The super charming coastline stretches around 4.5km and a great variety of hot beaches to absorb sun and sea breeze. 

The most popular beaches among tourists are Barceloneta, Mar Bella, Nova Icaria and Bogatell; these beaches are quite tempting and encourage people to walk along the waves while enjoying the fresh seafood (Tapas) at the most comfortable yet affordable beachside bars and restaurants. Families also enjoy water sports.  

Cultural vibes 

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The grandiose culture and heritage is highly mystical, which encourages people to peep into the quintessential history of Barcelona. Barcelona is full of ancient monuments, finest cuisines heritage as well as festive traditions; explorers enjoy many festivals, relish Spanish dance and visit impressive gothic style buildings. The main sites that are worth visiting are Barcelona Cathedral, the Catalonia's official government buildings, The Picasso Museum, and the Barcelona's History Museum.

So, are you ready to unleash your energy to grab the truckload of excitement here in Barcelona?  

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