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Mozambique, Africa -Most Scenic And Astonishing Holiday Destinations

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What could be wilder than Mozambique? Beautiful places and exotic beaches, trumpeting winds, dancing palms, swinging waves, drooling fine white sand and charming coastal landscapes, this is the ever so wonderful and exclusive land of Mozambique. Mozambique is famous for its southeast coast, several chains of mountains, tropical climate, largest sea park and historic towns that is distinctive and remarkable. People come here to experience the most scenic and astonishing holiday destinations that are still unexplored. The native attractions and stunning natural wonders can take your breath away. World-class tourists specially drift here for that unique safari tours and exotic experience that coastal areas offer. 

Picture courtesy: mozambiquetravel.com

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Picture courtesy: mozambiquetravel.com

The ever so lurching deep blue ocean attracts travellers to enjoy a vast variety of sports here. The coastline itself is quite wide and expansive (approx.2500 km), and offers plenty of sacred beaches to discover. No doubt, Mozambique is a vibrant country that has everything from bustling cities to the quaint fishing villages that are widely scattered all across the region. You can enjoy as well as witness the sunset here. No doubt, it is an ideal stopover; capture the beauty right away.  

If your resolution is to give yourself a break, then visit Mozambique now...

Sofala Province – Charm & weirdness resides here 

If you love nature more than anything else, then just visit Sofala Province that holds the most stunning Gorongosa National Park, which is known for having wildest flora and fauna. You can explore the most distant limestone cliffs, Urema Lake, the northwest flood plains, Murombozi river falls, and many other locations that are the real home to the wild animals. 

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If you want to have happier, more connected and more purposeful voyage, then choose Mozambique! 

Quirimbas Arquipelago – Witness sprawling beauty & edgy features 

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This is the most astonishing and still unexplored island in Mozambique, which is known for natural beauty, and exotic hidden diving sites. You can explore mangroves, less populated islands, and many other elements that can stun its worshippers. 

Just take a deep breath, meditate and wander around this island for that amazing feeling of love and freshness.   

Niassa Province – Get ready for the special treatment

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People also visit Niassa Province to explore the national reserve that is quite extensive and awesome. You can navigate through the woodland, dense forest areas and isolated patches of wetlands that are utterly unique in this region.  The region is also home to some of the most endangered & majestic animals of the world. No doubt, magic resides here, just move through it. Niassa Province is a perfect symbol of wilderness in mist! 

Are you ready to hear the universal message of love and peace here?

Relaxation, natural beauty as well as seclusion everything is here, you just need to stay here for long. You will also notice the most wonderful culture and tropical reef that will astonish you. The region will boost up your confidence for exploration & discovery. 

Best time to visit Mozambique 

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The drier, cooler months of May to November are the best time to visit Mozambique for a beach holiday or safari. 

Did you know? 

·         Mozambique has the only national flag with a modern weapon on it.

·         Mozambique is the only country with a single word name that includes all five vowels.  

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