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Bora Bora beyond the Usual Suspects

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Bora-Bora is best known for its sparkling turquoise waters, glossy extends of white sand and up-market resorts. These brilliant settings make this island one of the most Favorited beach escape of the world. This island offers much more than  just serenity. Give us a chance to introduce its wilder   adventurous side.


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For panoramic views of the Bora Bora, ascent to the highest point of the radiant Mt Pahia. From here you can see dark blue waters spotted with sapphire and turquoise, little islands fringed with modest bends of white sparkling sand and tidal ponds dotted with corals. It will oblige more exertion for reaching out on the top, yet the majestic vistas will engrave your psyche permanently. In the event that you are not inspired by setting off to the top, you can decide for shorter strolls where you will become acquainted with the rich and diverse flora and fauna here.


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The tidal ponds have every one of the qualities of tropical marine life. In addition it's warm which makes it perfect for snorkeling. Underneath the waters you will discover droves of parrot fish and butterfly fish, a lot of rays and the vividly colored banks of coral. The coral gardens close to the barrier reef are viewed as the best spots for snorkeling

Scuba diving

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If you are not content with snorkeling, and you crave for something more intense, you can go deeper with scuba diving. Bora's warm waters and shallow reefs are ideal for the novices or amateurs. There's much in store for talented divers. There is a wide pool of diving spotsoutside the tidal pond where lemon sharks and dark reef sharks are a sure sight.


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The regular flow of breeze over the years and by and large smooth waters has fethced Bora the notoriety of Kite surfing paradise. The Matira promontory is the most loved point for kitesurfing. Whether or not you are a water sport addict, you will be excited by the powerful exhibitions of experts.


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Envision! You are floating easily over the marvelous greenish-blue tidal ponds while cherishing the whole spread of the ecstatic island, is it not astounding? The Parasailing here, will definitely give you experience of a lifetime and the best part is you can share this experience with your friends and family. Simply affix yourself with a saddle and hold up at the deck of towboat until it catches enough speed for you to take off.

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