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Cherish the Concealed Jewels of the South Pacific Ocean

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Get over the palm-fringed shorelines, rather wear a dive skin and gear up with other Scuba essentials to start your submerged journey. Underneath, you will discover numerous submerged caverns and sublime reefs swarmed by ocean turtles and other living animals. Hope to see a gathering of ocean snakes in the submerged passages. 

Over the waters, the island gloats about huge network of caves. Climb in the tropical woods to the peaks or get an adrenaline rush by mountain biking in the woodlands.


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Atafu Coral Atoll; Picture courtesy - 

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 An Inati Share; Picture courtesy -

Main Street, Atafu; Picture courtesy -

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It is expected that all the three coral atolls of Tokelau will soak in the sea by the end of the century, as a result of climatic change. Global warming has posed a major threat to the survival of this island. Most of the occupants have moved, yet all those individuals who have shown respect and affection to their local area have took a bold step by staying - they have built out solar energy plant which offers energy to the entire nation. People are amicable and friendly and they adhere to the principle of inati, a system of sharing the assets among families as and when required. 

Options of snorkeling and Scuba diving in the luminescent waters abound. On the off chance that if you are not an adrenaline junkie, set up a portable tent on a vacant shoreline for an impeccable Robinson Crusoe experience.

Wallis & Futuna

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 Crater lake on Wallis Island; Picture courtesy -

 Cathedral, Wallis; Picture courtesy - 

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Lalolalo Lake, Futuna; Picture courtesy - 

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These are actually two Polynesian Islands which are distinct in every respect aside from one, both are a French state. The Principal Island Wallis has its roots in Tonga where as the more segregated Futuna is of Samoan background. Wallis is a flat, less sandy dotted with grandeur Tongan strongholds and crater lakes, the folding slopes of Futuna are covered up with verdant green woods, that tumble to perfect shorelines and colossal ocean is facing cathedrals.

These French territories have skipped tourism drive and remain unmarred. That is the primary reason behind them holding on to their unique culture. In the void of tourism framework, it's your urge for exploration which will take you to the zenith. Besides, you should be out-going to win a few companions.

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