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Cherishing the Ecstasies of Fiji

Savusavu; Picture courtesy -


 Matava Resort, Kadavu; Picture courtesy - 

Matava Resort, Kadavu; Fiji; Picture courtesy -

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 Great Astrolabe Reef; Picture courtesy -

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Secluded and unmarred yet easily reached by a short voyage or flight from Viti Levu. Kadavu is a definitive globe-trotters' heaven of Fiji. It's simply the right sort of spot for thrill seekers with an inclination for Environment, and they will discover asylum in the dozens Eco-resorts who harvest their own organic yields.
Whichever resort you decide to stay in, you will need to go there by means of watercrafts from the town centre which goes from shielded straights overwhelming with tweets of birds. The eastern part island is flanked by Greta Astrolabe Reef, renowned for its submerged passages and natural hollows overflowing with lively and beautiful submarine wildlife.

Vanua Levu

 Vanua Levu; Picture courtesy - 

 Fiji; Picture courtesy -

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Nukubati, Namenalala; Picture courtesy - 

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Waterfalls tumble down from the precipices and produce an ethereal contrast along with rural marshes of sugarcane manors on the unfrequented regions of Vanua Levu. 

The blossomed and irregular colonial settlements of Savusavu draw in voyagers with its hidden emerald inlets and small arrangement of shops, bars and restaurants. Outside, the towns have enigmatic stretches of coastal sands, some dabbed with resorts, some lined by rustic village houses and others covered up with woodlands. There are numerous 4WD camps which can offer you a ride which swooshes through the boondocks. 


 Taveuni; Picture courtesy - 

 Taveuni, Fiji; Picture courtesy - 

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 Rainbow Reef, Taveuni; Picture courtesy - 

Often referred to as the 'Garden Isle', Taveuni is the island of Fiji which is cladded up with tropical blooms and where choices waterfalls proliferate along with the treks. A greater part of the backwoods is protected and there are summits to overcome and coastlines to wander in. The masterpiece among the differed pool of treks is the Lavena waterfront walk' which pursuits the woodlands corner for 5 km and offers enticing vistas of dark sand shorelines, pristine fishing towns and various captivating  waterfalls. 

The Rainbow reef is likewise available from here and smaller unruffled islands like Qamea and Matagi are influenced with fascinating waterfront resorts on entrancing sands. You can decide to stay in extravagant private manors or simply in the authentic lodgings which offers hammocks. 

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