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Cherishing the Other Ecstasies of Langkawi

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It gloats about some of the world's finest shorelines, much the same as a specific specie of butterfly which flourishes in this outlandish area, the archipelago of Langkawi has more to its bounties besides  the shorelines, yet for no good reason its non-watery euphoria are yet to be cherished. Here our pick of bounties of the 'Jewel of Kedah' past the coasts:-

Jungle trekking

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The bush walks from the Datai Langkawi are genuinely hypnotizing and it totally changes the view of scenic splendor which you had before trekking the captivating way. The operators additionally give logistics to more difficult undertakings and also to camp. The Machinchang's crest can be reached in two day's trek; however you will need to carry all essentials on your own.


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Langkawi's waterfalls are as astonishing as its shorelines. The tallest course of waterfalls gushes down to 200 meters. Moving inwards from Pantai Kok, amidst the island you will experience Seven Wells Waterfall, which fall from the veneer of the rugged Machinchang Mountain and has seven pools at its top. You have to scramble down 600 steps from the parking zone to take a dive in these refreshing waters.

Kilim Karst Geoforest Park

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Monstrous limestone feigns, shorelines, lagoons and marshlands that adorn the Kilim Karst Geoforest Park towards the upper east corner of Langkawi are best experienced by pontoon. Most administrators continue feeding stingrays as a part of trip. A few devotees go far to encourage birds and monkeys, however, this debated practice is going to get banned by the Malaysian government in the light of the fact that wild animals can act mischievously at times  and it can bring about a fatal injury to persons present there.

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