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Peeping into Nazi’s Secret Era through Ksiaz Castle in Poland

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If you are fascinated by the sagas of Nazi Germany, history in Germany, bloody nemesis, dictatorship under the control of Adolf Hitler, power of Allied Forces, Great Depression era and German castles, then you must visit the clandestine Ksiaz Castle in Poland. Książ Castle is the third largest and the most enticing castle in Poland; it is located on a titanic rock cliff by the side of the Pelcznica River. The castle shields rich past in its walls and ceilings. The snarling place is comprehensively surrounded by the forest and natural reserve, which makes it even more beautiful and mystic.  

Książ Castle

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Enchanting Książ Castle is the perfect place to visit to experience the history of Germans and world war era; it slowly starts to climb upon your mind to pamper it. It has been classified as an ideal historical building in Poland boasting a historic yet aesthetically sensible art gallery, graceful landscapes, restaurants and hotels for its lovers. It is the best place to send a chilling vibes down to the spine by watching the war time tunnels, and secret passages. Worldwide visitors are fascinated with its great walls, architectural style elements, tumultuous history and inimitable, scenic setting. 

Chełmiec Mountain & Palmiarnia

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Visitors relish espresso coffee while exploring Owl Mountains, historic exteriors and old bunkers, ammunitions, Chełmiec Mountain, Palmiarnia, war & Silesian knightly families relics and damp tunnels that polishes the beauty of Wałbrzych. The garden of Książ Castle simply entails the new definition of beauty; the intricate web of stonework and artwork of the castle is second to none. The utensils, arms and unexplored tunnels stills have the marks of German military, which enthral its visitors. 

Those who visit Nazi concentration camps and extermination camps often visit here to experience the richly hypnotising historic culture. The castle mystery itself magnetizes its visitors; it is also regarded by many as the unsurpassed example of legendary architecture and is widely recognized as "the jewel of Poland."  It is a central focus of the entire complex because of its deeply transporting symmetry and grey tile flooring, giving deeply sobering experience. 

Visiting Wałbrzych

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Interested travellers peep into the ravishingly beautiful Wałbrzych to explore its hidden treasures such as Market square, Czettritz Castle, Alberti Castle, St. Mary's (1305, ren. 1720) and Protestant Church, which makes it one of the most famous city in Lower Silesian Voivodeship.   
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