Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Places Where Time Comes to a Stop

Any trip to a fantastic tourist destination leaves us asking for more, we always crave for soaking up more sights than what is practical considering our schedules. We spend a couple of days in the city, where even weeks are not enough to cram all its attractions. In this article, we tell you how to slow down your travel and make the most out of the destinations, defying the principle of timeliness.

Campervan around Australia

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One of the most pleasurable and venturesome experience you can have is to hop in campervan and journey around Australia’s enigmatic landscapes. If you are keen to swoosh along the coastline than you will have to tootle around 14,000km and cross by bewildering beaches, plush rainforests, and through all the metropolitan cities, getting into the covers and cook wherever you station. A trip would be incomplete without taking shortcuts to Australia’s intriguing outback, and hence, it is advised that if you don’t have much time, choose a particular state or territory.  

Moped along the Riviera, France

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The Riviera is an exuberant slice of the Cote d Azur coastline extending from the rustic town Toulon to the Italian frontier. For cherishing the ecstasies of the slow travel, delve into the Monaco, hire a moped and throttle that smooth engine and cruise along the glamorous places of Cannes and Nice, counting how many blissful faces you have seen in transit. After you have gawped at so many beautiful bodies, swoosh westwards from Riviera towards Marseille's rough enigmas and Nimes grandeur Roman open-air theatre. 

Tramp the Milford Track, New Zealand

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The extensive 54km long Milford Track, is regularly counted amongst the world’s best and most beautiful hiking trails. It takes 4 days to complete the track, which starts from awe-inspiring Lake Lake Te Anau up and then you ascend to the verdant rainforest to Mackinnon Pass, where you can take a plunge in the country’s legendary waterfalls: the euphoric Sutherland Falls. Moving further you pursuit the wild river north to the corner of deep inlet called Milford Sound. There are some regulations regarding the number of walkers allowed each day, especially in the peak season from November to April, so booking in advance would be a wiser option.
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