Tuesday, 6 October 2015

The Best Places of the World to Spend the Autumn

You have beaten the heat of summers, and the mornings have started to be chilly, but there’s no need to lower down your spirits, autumn is the most beloved season of all: breezy mornings, soothingly warm afternoons, and crispy evenings. Last joys, before the frosty winds of the winter take charge.
Put up your walking shoes and escape to these amazing destinations to witness mesmerizing drama of the autumn. With every crunching fallen leaves, you will get more delighted. 

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This old boondocks in Gloucestershire was once a profound hunting ground of the royals: the wood from its trees were used to manufacture Tudor warships, its and ideal spot for the humdrum sport of photographing fall foliage.  The combination of oak and chestnut provides a vivid canvass of ochre red, yellow and gold. The forest can be traversed by a hike or on a motor. The wild boars are a common sight here; therefore you are expected to show diligence. 

Loire Valley, France

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With leaves on the vines shedding and the summer crowds’ returning home, this is the perfect time to surrender to the charm of Loire Valley. The folding vineyards look vibrant as the greens of summer turns into rust brown, dark oranges and bright yellows of the autumn. This is also the time to harvest the fields, so you will see grapes being handpicked before savoring a tipple in the nearby rustic bar and relaxing. 

Pitlochry, Scotland

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The pine-clad forest may not change colors, yet its deciduous trees present some of the most enigmatic autumn hues in all of Europe. Head out of the town to dam, which divides the River Tunnel Loch Faskally, it also offers majestic views of waterfront trees shedding their leaves. Every October, the grand event of Enchanted Forest is held, an overnight carnival, where trees are decorated with lights alongside euphoric museum in the green lands, on the outskirts of the town. 

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