Tuesday, 3 March 2015

4 Fantastic Sri Lankan Beaches Seldomly Whispered

Visit the secluded beaches in Sri Lanka. Let your senses tranquillise your mind and body with the beautiful landscapes and swaying waters.

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Here is the list of four beaches which are unadulterated by the world. 


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Unawatuna is a famous story of Sri Lanka's south drift. There is a crescent of pearl-white sand that compasses along a palm-lined shore with turquoise waters that make for perfect swimming conditions. It offers a blissful ambience to its guests.


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Shake tenderly in the breeze, permitting the hours, days and even weeks to slip tranquilly by. Sober guesthouses flourish and there is a string of simple bistros along the sand that appear and disappear with the tides


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Tangalla is the portal to the huge expanses and totally open shorelines of southeast Sri Lanka. It's the last large town before Hambantota and has some old world appeal. Anyway you're truly here to discover your ideal shoreline and to enjoy it.


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Arugam Bay is a twist of delicate sand, is home to a renowned worldwide point break that many view as the best surf spot in the nation. It's a modest spot, with a population of a couple of thousand, and everything is spotted along a solitary street which parallels the coast. The Beachfront guesthouses and Oceanside restaurants are more than tempting.

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