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Austria: The Skiing Paradise for Travellers

Austria is regarded as a pilgrimage for snow worshippers. It has a variety of snowscapes which no other country can match. It doesn’t matter whether you are a winter sports enthusiast looking for an adrenaline rush, or an amateur in quest of advanced skiing skills, Austria will fulfill all your desires. Here are our picks of Top Skiing destinations of Austria.

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One of the absolute most striking pictures on the Grossglockner Road is Heiligenblut, the sharp steeple of its holy church surrounded by the glaciated summit of Grossglockner. The town's allwing view and conveniently reached mountains pulls in skiers, climbers and passionate phtographers. The small centre is stacked with wooden chalets and, regardless of an over-burdening kitsch mementos, it holds some customary appeal.

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With its clean air and magnificent crests ascending out of enormous interwoven valleys, Semmering is a prominent alpine resort for the Viennese, particularly among the  seasoned crouds which sets in for serene walks or to travel in  awe-inspiring railways; a more youthful set hits the ski pistes. There's no centre of the resort as such, its basically ran along Hochstrasse, which forms a semi-circle  behind the railway station.

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Bad Gastein

Profoundly some place in the middle of Brighton and St Moritz, Bad Gastein runs hot and icy, with curative spas year-round and premier skiing in winter. Despite the fact that the moist is ascending in places, the resort has kept an essence of its nineteenth century prime, when Empress Elisabeth came to bathe and wrote poetry here. Also, the scenery is immortal, belle-epoque manors stick to woodland shrouded bluffs that ascent above vibrant falls and springs still hailed for their magical therapeutic characteristics.

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Murau, in the western spans of the Murtal (Mur Valley) on the banks of the stream, is an appealing town loaded with pastel-shaded houses. It's also encompassed by forested slopes and alpine grasslands. Its closeness to Stolzalpe toward the north and the Metnitzer mountains toward the south makes it a great base for climbing and cycling amid the summers.

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Zell am See

Zell am See is show stopper with its azure blue lake, compact centre studded with softly painted chalets, and the snowcapped tops of the Hohe Tauern that recalls on an ideal  paradise. You can jump into the lake and cycle its verdant shores, climb and ski in the mountains and drive high on the Grossglockner Road. Each year it receives more than one million guests from all round the world – from families to playboys in customized mustangs.

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