Tuesday, 3 March 2015

5 Most Romantic Destinations To Visit With Your Love

  1. Santorini, Greece

    Picture courtesy - Tanukinosippo.com

    Santorini has gained the reputation of being the lover’s paradise. The beauty of this place is indescribable. It seems the volcanic eruption which has left the caldera peeping out of the water, was God’s own way of blessing this planet with heavenly beauty. The view of the crater from island’s cliff top is incredible. Santorini is the perfect blend of exotic beaches, breathtaking scenery and ancient cities. It is the sacred union of nature and tradition. The magnificent sight of the blue-domed churches, white houses and the vineyards reaching out to the horizon will leave you speechless. Truly, there is nothing more a human mind can endeavour for.

  2. San Sebastian

    Picture Courtesy - Lonelyplanet.com

    Obsession, passion, fanaticism. If you want to live these wild emotions all at once, then San Sabastian is the destination for you. San Sebastian is very alluring, you will never get tired of praising its charisma. The mouth watering pintxos, the dazzling Michelin stars at night and surfing full of adrenaline rush are amongst the main highlights of San Sabastian. The food over there is the tastiest food you will eat. The best time to visit is in the summer months so that you can make the most out of the world’s best beaches, in the hot sun.

  3. Bodrum, Turkey

    Picture courtesy - Panoramio.com

    Bodrum has undergone a makeover in the last 40 years. From a town of several thousand Fishermen it has turned into one of Europe’s favourite holiday destinations. It is an exceptional reflection of the Ottoman Empire. The prestigious castles of the knights and the mosques built by the finest architects of the imperial age, gives Bodrum an upper hand compared to the rest. The wind-swept beaches and glittering waters ensure that Bodrum has got something for everyone.

  4. St. Bart’s, Caribbean Island
    Picture courtesy - Luxuryaccommodationsblog.com

    St. Bart’s (St. Barthelemy) officially a territory of France, is a popular winter getaway for Europeans and North Americans. St. Bart’s is the most expensive and elite island. You will feel that you are in the streets of Paris because the streets are filled with designer brands stores. St. Bart’s is often called a adult sandbox but it is still attractive to regular people.  You can find serenity in the corners of the white sand beaches. The sunset over here can’t be put into words, it is truly amazing.

  5.  St. Moritz, Switzerland

    Picture courtesy - En.carlton-stmoritz.ch

    St. Moritz is also recognised as Switzerland’s winter wonderland. The place has got a lot of glamour associated with it. Despite the presence of big designer brands in Via Serlas, the true jewels of St. Moritz are the emerald forest, aqua marine lake and aloof mountains. Not to forget, it is the Mecca for winter sports and is a very common romantic destination.

    Courtesy - Traveleze

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