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The Rich Natural Heritage of Trinidad and Tobago

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It has always been a favorite destination for hikers and nature lovers in general. This area numbers among the last relatively pristine areas of Trinidad and Tobago. It is a home to variety of wildlife, endangered species like Red Howler Monkeys and Elusive Ocelots can be found here.

Nariva Swamp 

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Nariva Swamp is the largest, most diverse wetland ecosystem in Trinidad and Tobago. It is an important area for Waterfowl including migratory species and is also a critical habitat for some endangered Reptiles and Mammals. It is also the habitat for the locally extinct Blue and Gold Macaw, and the Anaconda.

Caroni Bird Sanctuary

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This sanctuary is diverse in terms of ecology, it consists of marshes, mangrove swamp and tidal mudflats in close proximity. It is also rich in bio-diversity providing variety of habitats for both flora and fauna. It is also a home to Treeboas, Opossums, Anteaters and Crab eating Raccoons. 

El Tucuche

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El Tucuche is the second highest peak of the Northern Range of the country. It is popularly known as the sacred mountain in Trinidad and Tobago. The mountain top is home to the Golden Treefrog. It is also a home to rare flora like Bromeliads and delicate Orchids.

Aripo Caves

Oil bird, Trinidad and Tobaggo

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Aripo Caves are the Trinidad’s largest limestone Caves. It also known as the "Oil Bird Caves of Trinidad". The caves are located in the Northern Range. The highest point of Trinidad known as El Cerro del Aripo is also in close vicinity. 

Main Ridge Forest Reserve

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It became a protected reserve under the queen’s rule in 1776 . The Main Ridge Forest Reserve cherishes rich variety in terms of flora and fauna . Blue Crowned Mot Mot can be seen flying around the reserve by the lucky visitors.

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