Thursday, 12 March 2015

Most Picturesque Beaches of Greece

Greece is known for its quality beaches. An island escape requires certain flavours- smooth sand beneath your feet, mild waters safe enough for you to swim and a feeling of overcoming the worldly hurly-burly. Beaches in Greece are embraced in heavenly beauty, which adds to the problem of finding out the most picturesque among them. Here we have done a herculean task for you, just scroll down.

If not the best, Myrtos is definitely one of the most beautiful beaches in all of Europe.  You will be indulged in its breath-taking scenery, the long stretches of sand between tall limestone cliffs and the azure waters are tantalising to say the least.

Preveli Beach is perfectly placed at the mouth of the Megalopotamos River at the end of its voyage through the tough Kourtaliotiko Gorge. Where the canyon meets the beach, the stream's warm water tumbles through a wilderness of oleander endemic palm trees into a lagoon fixed in by soft sand and the gleaming Med. Its setting contains all the ingredients of heavenly charm.

Agia Anna Beach is in fact a progression of small pebbled bays along the rugged shoreline, which can get really occupied in summer. There's a small canteen alongside the car park on the precipice top, offering snacks and beverages.

Triopetra is a major beach named after three giant rocks bulging out of the sea. A headland separates the sandy strip into 'Little Triopetra' and 'Huge Triopetra'. The undistinguished tranquility of the beach, the azure blue waters and sand glittering like diamonds in the sunlight, are all absolutely phenomenal. The 'Pension & Taverna Pavlos" is an added advantage.

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