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The Most Influential Ancient Amusements of Egypt

The essence of Egypt lies in their unique historic civilisation which is one of a kind and the oldest of all.

Nile Valley: Luxor
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Luxor is called the world's most prominent outdoor museum. However that comes no place close to depicting this unparalleled place. Nothing on the planet contrasts with the scale and magnificence of this landmark which has survived from Thebes.


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Ramses II called his huge commemoration sanctuary 'The Temple of Millions of Years of User-Maat-Ra' and Jean-François Champollion, who decoded hieroglyphics, called it the Ramesseum. Like other memorials, it was a piece of Ramses II's funerary complex.


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Referred to in Arabic as Abu al-Hol (Father of Terror), this figure of a man with the rump of a lion, was named the Sphinx by the old Greeks in light of the fact that it looked like their legendary winged beast who set puzzles and slaughtered anyone who was not able to answer them.

Pyramids of Giza

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For about 4000 years, the unprecedented shape, flawless geometry and sheer heft of the Giza Pyramids have welcomed the question: 'Why Were They Built?'
Hundreds of years of exploration have provided us parts of the answer. We now know that they were hideous tombs built on the requests of the pharaohs by groups of specialists.

Memorial Temple of Hatshepsut

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In Deir al-Bahri, the eyes first concentrate on the rough limestone rock that ascent to about 300m over the desert plain, a landmark made by nature, just to understand that at the foot of this enormous beauty lies a man-made monument which is significantly more remarkable, the surprising Temple of Hatshepsut.

Temples of Abu Simbel

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Standing tall on the bank of Lake Nasser, the two temples of Abu Simbel are among the most iconic monuments in Egypt.

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