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3 Majestic Caribbean Islands Where You Can Embrace the Charm of Nature Irrespective of Your Pocket Size

San Blas Islands; Picture courtesy - wixstatic.com

Dog Island, Panama; Picture courtesy - randread.com

To fetch memories of a lifetime in Caribbean on an idyllic holiday or to get heavy doses of adrenaline  or to have the luxury of meandering alone on a pristine stretch of send, one doesn’t needs not to be a multi- millionaire. Though admittedly, majority of the Caribbean islands have been started to be recognized as the lobby of rich and famous. But there are still Islands which have avoided the glitz and glamour besides holding onto their indigenous feel. Moreover, these islands are nothing short of sheer bliss and you will be amazed to realize how pocket-friendly they are:-
San Blas Islands, Panama

San Blas Islands; Picture courtesy - hqworld.net

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Sailing, San Blas Islands; Picture courtesy - thisbatteredsuitcase.com
 San Blas Islands Houses, Picture courtesy - wikimedia.org

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 Snorkeling, Dog Island; Picture courtesy - blogspot.com

Spread off the remote southeastern shore of Panama, the fascinating San Blas Islands are a perfect recipe for the holiday of a lifetime. The spine-tingling archipelago is an integral part of Panama, yet native Kuna Indians have had autonomous control following the 1020’s and daily life here is ultra smooth.
Stroll through the palm-fringed islands and relax on their enigmatically white beaches. Top choices of Snorkeling proliferate particularly at shallow wreck off Dog Island.
Bocas del Toro, Panama
Bocas Del Toro; Picture courtesy - realestatechiriqui.com

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Isla Colon, Bocas Del Toro; Picture courtesy - bocasdeltoro.travel
 Sloth at Bastimentos; Picture courtesy - googleusercontent.com
 Gulf World Marine Park; Picture courtesy - destintouristattractions.com 
Snorkeling, Bocas Del Toro; Picture courtesy - newsdesk.si.edu

Shrouded up in wilderness and outlined by sublime corals. This island chain is more developed than San Blas, but it has made decent efforts to hold onto its authentic feel. The main Island Colon is still pretty much Caribbean, and you are likely to see at least one sloth hanging out on Bastimentos which is covered by Panama’s oldest Marine Park.
Snorkeling tours arranged by the locals are excellent. The island’s proximity to the mainland’s strong streams is the principle reason that Scuba is avoided here.   
Corn Islands, Nicaragua

 Corn Islands; Picture courtesy - diveadvisor.com
 Big corn Island; Picture courtesy - staticflickr.com 
 Snorkeling, Big Corn Island; Picture courtesy - sccomunicacion.com
 Little Corn Island; Picture courtesy - dovehunter.net

Little corn, Picture courtesy - bootsnall.com 
Miskito cays; Picture courtesy - nanxiongnandi.com
 San Andres Island; Picture courtesy - simflight.com
Floating 70 km far from shores, the two Corn Islands- Big Corn and Little Corn- feel like light years away from the Nicaragua’s laid back Caribbean coastline. Formerly a British colony, it is more Caribbean in characteristics than Latin, and barely will you see a man rushing into something.  North from here are the abandoned Miskito Cays and toward the east you'll hit entrancing San Andres Island, which is the official territory of Cuba. 
There are some par excellence diving and snorkeling options available here, and you won’t return empty handed from your fishing trip. There’s hardly anything to do besides swinging in a hammock and savoring a crisp fish which is adored by all guest. 
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