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Spiritual Homes for Art Lovers

The last Supper, Cenacolo Vinciano; Picture courtesy -

 Japanese Bridge, Claude Monet; Picture courtesy -

You don’t need to tire your legs in the long queues of the museums, to see the inspirational works of the legendary artists. Here’s our pick of 3 Iconic artists of the past, whose works have change our perception of style and design. 

Da Vinci, Milan, Italy

 The last Supper, Church of Santa Maria; Picture courtesy -

 Picture courtesy -

church of Santa Maria; Picture courtesy –

When you have cherished all the other ecstasies of Milan; sumptuous food, designer shopping, let your heart be filled with a little more delight. Milan’s most profound artwork is Leonardo da Vinci's the last supper. The mural adorns the wall of the Cenacolo Vinciano, the refectorynext to the church of Santa Maria delle Grazie; it was first expressed in the late 15th century and has undergone a tough journey of preservation. Gawp at the controversial masterpiece and decide for yourself whether the apostle sitting next to the Christ is Mary Magdalene or not.

Gaudí, Barcelona, Spain

 Casa Batllo, Gaudi; Picture courtesy – 

 Casa Batllo, Gaudi; Picture courtesy –

Interior, Casa Batllo; Picture courtesy – 

 La Pedrera, Gaudi; Picture courtesy – 

 Picture courtesy – 

Interior, La Pedrera, Gaudi; Picture courtesy - 

 La Sagrada Família, Barcelona; Picture courtesy –

 Interior, La Sagrada Família, Barcelona; Picture courtesy –

Barcelona has been making its presence count in the revival of art, architecture since the 1900s. And the legendary genius has an overwhelming profile in both the fields. Architect and Artist Gaudi, in association with his modernista companions, endowed this city with priceless jewels. Notable works include Casa Batllo and La Pedera. But it’s the exceptional La Sagrada Família which earned him much popularity, the grandeur cathedral which kisses the skies.

Monet, Giverny, France

 Claude Monet House, Giverny; Picture courtesy –

 Lily Pond, Claude Monet; Picture courtesy -

Picture courtesy – 

 Monet Water Garden; Picture courtesy – 

 Clos Normad Monet’s Garden Pathway; Picture courtesy –

The small rustic village of of Giverny in northern France is a spiritual home for Monet fans and proponents of the Impressionist school. Calude Monet had a house here which was festooned by flowers. The Clos Normand in the north part of the estate gloats about the softly-shaded pink house of Monet and his soothing Water Lily studio. Most importantly, it is close to the Water Garden where artistic imagination aroused. This is where Monet created his much adored lily pond and the incredibly famous Japanese bridge. 

Courtesy - TraveleZe

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