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3 Sensuous Island Resorts Which Give You the Glimpse of Paradise

Lombok Beach; Picture courtesy -
Pearl Beach Bungalows, Lombok

Why we love Lombok

 Cloud forest, Lombok; Picture courtesy -          

 Lombok; Picture courtesy -

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Bestowed with ethereal white sands, legendary surf, verdant forest interiors and hiking trails which windingly passes through tobacco and rice fields. Lombok is a tropical seductress. Recently, the charisma of the place has gained great attention of the tourists from across the globe.  Geared up with a new state of the art airport, Lombok’s tourism is on its zenith.

Why we love Pearl Beach

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 Pearl Beach Resort; Picture courtesy -

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This newly set up island resort has enigmatic stretch of white sand which plunges gently into the turquoise waters. The cottages are mostly made out of bamboos with pleasant outdoor baths and a hammocks swinging in the garden. They might look rustic from outside but the interiors are quite chic, with polished floors and bizarre wall paints. 

Birds and Bees Resort, Ko Chang, Thailand

 Koh chang; Picture courtesy -
Why we love Ko Chang

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 Koh chang beach; Picture courtesy -

The eastern sea board has long been the paradise for Bangkokian escapists. The country’s pioneer beach resorts flourished here and have become the legends of sea and sand. Ko Chang and its siters are loaded with tropical allure but you will have to bear with the crowds. 

Why we love Birds & Bees Resort

 Birds and Bees Resort; Picture courtesy -

Rejoice in the lush tropical garden resort which is marked with strolling paths and adorned with surreal embellishments. It has a semi-private beach to its bounty where you can soak up the sun for hours lying on the beautiful sands.

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 Infinity pool, Birds and Bees Resort; Picture courtesy -

Sibonne Beach Hotel, Turks and Caicos Islands

Why we love the Turks and Caicos Islands

Turks and Caicos Islands; Picture courtesy -

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 Half moon Bay; Picture courtesy - 

This is the destination where even the most vivid Caribbean fantasies come to life. It has long stretches of white sands along the coast, and a climate which defines the word ‘Perfect’. Abandoned bays and secluded islands where donkeys outnumber the people. Towns and villages which are soaked up in dramatic history and are unacquainted with the hurly-burly of the modern world.   

Why we love Sibonne Beach Hotel

Sibbone Beach Hotel; Picture courtesy-

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 This resort occupies a pristine stretch of sand on Grace Bay which makes up for the tempting setting which no other resorts in the region possesses. The best part is the offerings of the resort are so bounteous that they could cater persons of various pocket sizes with their 5 different room categories.

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