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Best Teahouses in Sichuan (China)

Wang ye Temple Tea House, Zigong; Picture courtesy –

Sichuan region is the best reflector of Chinese Tea Culture, however the main catch is, it has likely a greater number of Teahouses than the quantity of hairs on your head. So to accomplish the mission impossible of picking the best out of those, our authors have put a commendable effort to walk a mile in their shoes and list the best of them.

Wangye Temple, Zigong

Wangye temple; Picture courtesy - 

  Interior, Wang ye Temple Tea House, Zigong; Picture courtesy -

 Wang ye Temple, Zigong; Picture courtesy – 

 Picture courtesy – 

Zigong-The once salt-mining focus of China is likewise the premium Sichuan teahouse. It is delegated by Wangye Temple which is ensured by the pastel shaded divider and it goes back to nineteenth century. Standing tall over the Fuxi River, Wangye was fabricated to guarantee the safe transportation of pontoons down the salt stream. Today it is a magnificent shelter for history enthusiasts and without a doubt a hotspot to have a tea.

Huanhou Palace, Zigong

 Picture courtesy –

 Interior, Huanhou Palace Teahouse, Zigong; Picture courtesy –

 Exterior, Huanhou Palace Teahouse, Zigong; Picture courtesy –

 Picture courtesy –

Zigong has made it again to the rundown of our top picks and why not, it has another stunner under its badge - Huanhou Palace. It is situated inside an old 1868 butcher's gathering room. Despite the fact that there is no stream flowing close by, the excellent stoned face/arches makes for the most dramatic entrance to teahouse over the globe.

Heming Teahouse, People's Park, Chengdu

Chengdu People's Park and Teahouse; Picture courtesy –

 Heming Teahouse; Picture courtesy –

Heming Teahouse; Picture courtesy –

 Picture courtesy –

 Picture courtesy -

The capital city of Chengdu has got a good share of hypnotizing teahouses. This one in the heart of the city is more like a social epicenter. You can discover individuals of each age socializing and revelling around especially the senior ones, who come here to spent all there day playing cards and relishing the tea.

Tibetan Restaurant, Ganzi

Tibetian restaurant, Ganzi; Picture courtesy –

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Picture courtesy –

 Picture courtesy –

Tibetan Restaurant is to a greater degree an unrecognized marvel. It is roosted on to the uplands of Ganzi, which are covered with grass and are more Tibetan in style than Chinese. It serves up conventional feast; however it stays faithful to its main role of serving yak-spread tea to nondrinker Tibetans.

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