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Secluded Beaches of Australia Bestowed with Heavenly Beauty

Sawyers Beach; Picture Courtesy- 

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 Squeaky Beach; Picture

 Australia is the undisputed champion when it comes to beautiful, unblemished beaches. With the startling number of 10,000 beaches under its badge, it is more than easy to find a beach which is tailored to one’s desires. Some beaches are profound for their party ambiance, while some are known to be the playground of gigantic marine creatures. Some beaches are a pilgrimage for water sports enthusiasts where as some beaches are a safe haven for those in quest of solitude and tranquility. No matter what your orientations are, your thirst for perfect beach holiday will be quenched in Australia.   Not only the beaches of Australia lead the way on the stats front but they have got the reputation of being hypnotizers. 
Here’s the pick of the beach hideaways in Australia which offers nothing but Sheer Bliss. 

Whitehaven Beach (Queensland) 

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This less treasured but achingly beautiful beach holds captives the visitors with their very first look at it. Whitehaven is known for its melancholies and white sand. Embrace the charm of nature here. 

Squeaky Beach (Wilson's Promontory, Victoria) –

Squeaky Beach; Picture Courtesy- 

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Squeaky ball; Picture Courtesy-

The vibe of this beach is as bizarre as its name. It’s the kind of place which makes you go frenzy and you will end up performing a squeaky dance or a run on its pristine sands. To reach here, you will have to swoosh through the dense yet enticing bushes.

Cape Tribulation (Queensland) – 

 Cape Tribulation; Picture Courtesy- 

 Alkira House, Cape Tribulation; Picture Courtesy- 

Jungle Surfing, Cape Tribulation; Picture Courtesy-

The beach is encircled with tropical rainforest and literally you just can’t ask for a more ethereal setting. This perfect incarnation of the heavens has also got the cult following among salt-water crocodiles, so check twice on the season before hitting it. 

Sawyers Beach (Flinders Island, Tasmania) – 

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Nestled in close proximity to the village of Whitemark, this less enchanted beach seems like directly coming out of the postcard. It has to its bounties, powdery white sands, and crystalline waters, splendid rocks to snorkel around, what else can you ask for?

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