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Get Elated By the Sensuous Seychelles

 Seychelles; Picture courtesy -


 Seychelles; Picture courtesy -

  Anse Source d’ Argent, Seychelles; Picture courtesy -

 Seychelles Lagoons; Picture courtesy -

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With many beautiful beaches spread along the crystalline waters, there is nothing surprising in the fact that it ranks among the world’s most perfect island getaways.

Dispersed beautifully on the blue sheet of the Indian Ocean, this archipelago is another name for being spoilt by luxuries. If you are a Richie Rich lad and just can’t think of a holiday without a private chopper or a reiki spa, this island will cater to all your esteem needs.  However,   for cherishing the ecstasies of Seychelles, being a millionaire is certainly not a condition. With a bit of planning and a little know-how about the island, you can make a enchanting holiday to Seychelles without needing to make a hole in your pocket. 

When to go?

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The popular time to visit Seychelles is during the summers i.e. from July to September, the weather is soothingly dry and the waves are peacefully calm, this perfect setting lures I swarms of tourists to Seychelles and consequently the prices take a steep rise. In this peak season finding a vacant corner on the beach gets tougher. If you prefer more solitude and are; looking for a beach holiday with sense of tranquility, book your trip here in colder months i.e.  From November to March, although Seychelles receives decent rainfall in these times but the temperatures remain relatively warm and fall no below than 21 degrees. So you can have the ethereal beaches all to yourself and without brushing your shoulders with flocks of visitors.

Which island to go in particular and for what?

 Mahe International Airport; Picture courtesy – 

 Mahe Island; Picture courtesy –

 Snorkeling, Victoria; Picture courtesy – 

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 Vallee de Mai Forest, Praslin; Picture courtesy –

 Resting in the Shade, Vallee de Mai Forest, Praslin; Picture courtesy – 

 Anse Source d’ Argent; Picture courtesy - 

 Grand Anse; Picture courtesy - 

 Petite Anse Beach; Picture courtesy - 

 Ste-Anne Marine National Park; Picture courtesy -

 Biking, La Digue; Picture courtesy -

There are 3 islands in the Seychelles which have got their notoriety for their own reasons. Mahe is the largest island of the archipelago and boasts an international Airport. The capital of Seychelles is incredibly popular among outdoor enthusiast such as hikers, snorkelers and swimmers. 

The Praslin which is the second biggest island is 50km northeast from the capital. This place is much tranquiller and mellower. It gloats for a splendid bay of Anse Lazio, a plush nature reserve i.e. Vallee de Mai, which is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

La Digue is the smallest of the 3 prominent islands yet the one with the most number of fireworks. It is absolutely unaware about the hustle and bustle of the world. A serendipitous islands where everyone travels on bike and there are no street lights to hinder the radiance of the twinkling stars. It is also a home to most enigmatic beaches: lagoon of Anse Source d’ Argent and the secluded covers of Grand and Petite Anse.

Travelling to abandoned islands might hurt your pocket. Many wonderful islands can be visited on a day trip for instance several islands of Ste-Anne Marine parks and giant turtle reserves on Cousin Island. Try hiring a boat of your own, so that you can set out on your own excursion .

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